It has been a really interesting week as the car park here at the Ray Mac was taken over. We had the BBC and Disney based here as they were shooting Great Expectations in the city. The location crew visited a few weeks ago and really liked the facilities that we could offer so they used the Mac as a double base, housing actors, camera and lighting equipment, wardrobe, and makeup.

It has been an interesting week seeing them all wandering around busily preparing and actors appearing in period costumes before being transported into Salisbury for their scenes.

It seems very quiet here after having so much going on outside the office window all week. They departed on Thursday evening and by this morning there was no trace of them. Thanks to the crew for being excellent guests.

We are going to miss the catering. The movie star food has been fantastic all week. All SFC staff were invited to eat, and it was a real treat. We’re back to fending for ourselves now.

We’d also like to thank our neighbours for their understanding with all the activity going on. There were a few comments regarding lighting at night and the crew were quick to adjust and improve the situation. The local community is always very patient and tolerant of the club, and we try to keep any disruption to a minimum.

This Saturday at the Ray Mac

Ian Pearson
March 25, 2022

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager