You might have seen the Nested logo appearing around the ground and on our website as they’ve recently become a sponsor of Salisbury FC.

Not content with just paying for their pitchside banner, they want to help the club as much as they can. Nested Area Partner, Alex McKechnie is offering Salisbury FC £100 for any valuation booked and carried out via our unique affiliation link. There is no obligation to go on and sell your house and no hard sell from Alex to try and get you to do so. He just wants to supply you with a professional and friendly service.

Salisbury FC fan, Nigel Cullen had his house valued with Nested last week. He was honest with Alex from the start that he was unlikely to sell at this time.

We are not in the market to move now, but having been in our house for over 20 years the chance to get a valuation and benefit the Club at the same time was too good to turn down. Alex from Nested was polite, personal and professional. We got a sensible, knowledgeable valuation of our property for insurance purposes and satisfied our curiosity. That is all. No pushy sales pitch. We highly recommend.

Nigel Cullen

Salisbury FC Supporter

So why not get Nested to value your house? All you need to do is follow this link and fill in your details. Simple.

Ian Pearson
February 15, 2022

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager