Have you been following the virtual Whites on YouTube? The first season is now coming to an exciting conclusion. Will we get promoted? You can find out in the latest episode which is below.

You can now get your name or a (family-friendly) name of your choice into the game and support the Stars Appeal.

Towards the end of each season in Football Manager, there is a new intake of youth players. These could turn out to be the stars of the future! You get the chance to change one of these youth players details to what you want.

The Virtual Gaffer, David Wressell and I have been talking about this and concluded it could be a good way to raise a little money for charity. He will keep this running for the entire series as there will be a new intake at the end of every season. David talks about this a bit more in the video below.

To qualify you just need to make a donation and then contact us and your changes will be actioned. You can donate whatever you want but £5 or more means you qualify for a player. Will your player develop and make it into the First Team?

The number of layers available is limited but if more you donate and there are no players left, it won’t be long until the next batch of youngsters are available and you’ll get the first pick of those players.

It’s a fun way of raising a little cash for a very worthwhile charity.

For now, sit back and enjoy the climax of the first season to see if we can get promoted. Come on you Whites!

Ian Pearson
January 6, 2021

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager