Free money, zero effort. This is how easy it is.

A few weeks ago Salisbury FC received over £50 just because I went about my usual business.


I signed up to Easyfundraising and selected Salisbury FC as the cause I wish to support. I then installed the Chrome plugin which took about 10 seconds, although there are other ways to use the system if you don’t use the Chrome browser, including a mobile app.

Now, when I visit a website that it’s partnered with, the plugin asks if I’d like to activate a donation. The page refreshes and I carry on as usual. This might end up being a small donation of just a few pence for something like a takeaway order. Even the small amounts add up though and if a hundred people gain these small amounts regularly that makes a worthwhile extra income for the club. Larger amounts come when you make larger purchases, or switch to a new service.

An example of the kind of money available and the notification

3 weeks ago I changed my telecom and broadband provider which gave me a donation of over £40. I then made a start on some Christmas shopping and after making a couple of purchases, I received another £10.

In the new year it will be holiday booking time. I might well do this through an Easyfundraising affiliate and that will top up the funds again. The only thing I have to do each time is click “Activate Donation” when it asks. Just one-click. Simple.

Switching energy, TV or telecoms supplier, a new gym membership or just shopping. It costs you nothing but 1 click to earn FREE money.

Sign up and start gaining funds for Salisbury FC
Ian Pearson
December 11, 2019
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Ian Pearson

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