Update - Longterm Injuries

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The Whites have again suffered longterm injuries to key players, and the latest news I have on them is as follows:

George Colson

George sustained his injury at Farnborough on 20 October, and reports that he is about to have his plaster removed, but also that ligament damage will probably mean that it will not be before February before he returns to full fitness.

Bay Downing

Bay's injury, sustained against Metropolitan Police on Saturday and saw his doctor this morning. He reports "The Break isn't too bad, and the plaster will be coming off in early January." He hopes to be playing between the start/middle February."I'll be back sooner rather than later."

Both players would like to thank the fans for their many messages of support, and of course, the Club wishes them well, with both making speedy recoveries.

Alec Hayter
Press Officer