Salisbury Hospital Cup Final – An apology.


The Club would like to make it clear that the postponement of the Final tie was not in any way due to the passing of BHHFC member Bryn West and we apologise for any upset any inferred connection may have caused.

SFC would also like to make it clear that because of delays in playing earlier games in the competition and the club's play off situation, BHHFC were more than accommodating in trying to get this fixture played, and agreed to date changes on at least four occasions for various reasons  We are grateful for their co-operation. The postponement of the Final has been caused by an administrative miss-communication, and no date has yet been agreed to play the game.

To conclude, it is necessary to point out that no information was provided to the Salisbury Journal directly for the reference made in their newspaper article and to the knowledge of both BHHFC and ourselves there has been no approach from them to confirm the detail.

Alec Hayter

Press Officer