A statement from Chairman Ian Hammond

Statement from Chairman
The close season is always busy for negotiating new contracts for players, signing new ones, and regrettably saying goodbye to some who have served the Club well in the past.
Whilst we have announced our new signings to date, we have not yet finalised the full squad for next season so do not feel it appropriate to make individual reports on individual players, many of whom are on holiday.

What we can do though is say which players are definitely leaving the Club and we wish well in their future careers, whether in football or elsewhere.
Definitely leaving are Kane O'Keefe, Chris Shephard, Matt Partridge, Luke Hopper, Tom Whelan, Bay Downing, Jake Hallett and Claudio Herbert.

Many thanks to them all for their contribution to the Whites, particularly Kane who has been with the Club since it was reformed and has been Club Captain.

Further announcements will be made when we feel able to give a more complete picture of the squad's make up for next season.

Ian Hammond


Salisbury Football Club