The Blue Bee Bar launches at the Ray Mac.

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On Tuesday evening, as we won 1-0 against Gosport Borough, we launched our newly named Blue Bee Bar. This extends an excellent partnership between the club and Blue Bee for another three years. The staff from Blue Bee joined us for the evening and also chose Tom Smith as the Man of the Match as we celebrated this new beginning for our popular watering hole. 

Salisbury v Gosport Borough 13th August 2019 RE 46 Copy©Roger Elliott

The club will be receiving an ultramodern online package, including a fresh website design and build, hosting, email services and ongoing support from Blue Bee. We've been working closely with Blue Bee for several years now and we're excited that this relationship is continuing. Having had a sneak peek at the new website I can confirm it will put us top of the league when it comes to our online presence. It should be launching soon. I need to work on filling it with all of our required content and then it will be ready to go. Luke, Ashley and Mark have been extremely helpful during the building process and have crafted the perfect website for us. 


If you want to see what all the buzz is about, why not come along before and/or after the Dorchester game on Saturday. We'll be showing the Arsenal v Burnley fixture and then after the main event out on the pitch, we'll be showing Tom Whelan's Yeovil Town as they visit Barrow. The Yeovil game will coincide with our BEER OFFER!! Fosters and Ringwood will be Just £3 a pint. We're sure it will be a hive of activity.