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CLUB STATEMENT: Hereford FC Tickets

We have read the “Update on Salisbury Ticket Situation” on the Hereford FC website and regret that the statement is not an accurate reflection of the position.

There have been a number of conversations with Hereford FC and the club is aware of all the circumstances surrounding our decision to restrict away ticket sales to Season Ticket Holders only.

The two clubs had full discussions regarding the reasoning for the restriction a week ago and there have been several telephone conversations and exchanges of emails subsequently.

The prime concern of Salisbury FC is to ensure the safety of all spectators coming to see this match and we have had consultations with the Wiltshire Safety Advisory Group who are ultimately responsible for deciding the conditions which apply to the staging of this fixture.

There have been incidents in recent matches involving Hereford FC and this had a major effect on the requirements of the SAG.

Ultimately, it was agreed that by having an “all ticket” match, thus limiting the maximum number of spectators and by allowing sales of away Supporters' tickets solely to Season Ticket Holders there would be no requirement for Police to be present in the Stadium.

At no stage did we ask Hereford FC to pay £2500 for Policing.

We have pointed out to Hereford FC that they too have a responsibility for ensuring a trouble-free afternoon and have suggested that they might like to bring along a few of their own stewards at their own expense.

Due to recent events at away matches, this would we believe, be a prudent measure on their part.

We have no desire to exclude any spectators from watching this game and we also realise that with the arrangements which are in force, Salisbury FC is losing out on a fair amount of potential income.

However, we are duty bound to follow the requirements of the SAG and would re-iterate that the safety of the fans of both clubs and everyone else involved in this fixture, is of paramount importance to Salisbury FC.

David Phillips (Chairman, Salisbury FC)