Taunton Preview & Wellard News

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I spoke to Steve after the win away to Hendon as he previewed the upcoming clash with Taunton.

"Pleased with the result at Hendon and the clean sheet. I thought we defended well and unlike in previous games when we’ve been two-nil up we very much put the emphasis on Hendon to break us down rather than gifting the opposition a goal. No team at any stage will dominate for 90 minutes and it’s important when this doesn’t happen in those periods of play that we stay focused and concentrate on doing the right things in the right areas which then gives us a platform to work our way back into control of the game ‘which is also much better for my heart rate’. No disrespect to Hendon but Taunton will be a tougher proposition coming off the back of a run of 8 unbeaten in the league and although we played well against Hendon there’s no doubt we will need to play even better to gain the same result. Teams like Taunton seem to be able to get the three points even when they’re not quite at their best and that is something that I’d like to think we might be able to do if we continue to defend as a team as we did on Saturday.

"On a separate issue, I’d like to thank Ricky Wellard for his time at Salisbury FC. Due to work commitments and having competition for places in his position Ricky has left the club at the weekend. He was a pleasure to work with and professional throughout but after speaking to him given the circumstances I think he understands my decision."

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager