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Over 50's walking football is bringing people together at locations all across the country and keeping them involved in the beautiful game with the benefits of promoting and combining, positive healthy lifestyle changes, exercise whilst having Fun and making New Friends


Our Group in Salisbury currently plays over 3 sessions a week indoors at both the Five Rivers Leisure Centre Mondays and Fridays 9am - 11am and Amesbury Sports Centre 8pm - 9pm and we welcome anyone to come along and join us. We pride ourselves on making all new players welcome and regardless of abilities or experience the group actively help, encourage and support each other both on and off the pitch. So why not come along and see for yourself what you might be missing and remember there are no joining fees or subscriptions just £2 per session, we look forward to seeing you soon at one of our sessions.

Please contact Chris Christian for more details either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07484 190759 or check out our Facebook page:






18 NOVEMBER 2017

 Salisbury Journal Sports Awards 2017 - Well it is all happening tonight (17 Nov) and we will know how well we have done in the Community Club of Year section. We have to thank Liz Batton once again for nominating our group and regardless of the results we all know the whole group are ALL WINNERS and we are proud of each one you for your contribution and making the sessions very special and a place where everyone is made to feel welcome.


Player News - Welcome back on Monday to Roger Froud who has been out with injury for the past 6/7 weeks and to Stephen Mills who joined us for the first time. Steve Kelly is now back from his European travels and we hope to see him back playing next, it will take him all the session to catch up with all our new players who have recently joined during his absence.  

World Diabetes Day - on Tuesday we went along to the Salisbury Medical Practice on Wilton Road to help support their activities relating to diabetes and to talk to visitors about the benefits of exercise by joining us to play walking football. Jerry Curnow, Steve Riddell and myself spent an enjoyable three hours with the teams and we look forward to possibly welcoming some new players as a result.

Xmas Lunch - We have now reached the maximum the restaurant can offer us and so we can all look forward to enjoying this years event and excellent company. Kingsley and Jeff are now putting the finishing touches to the Raffle that has attracted some excellent donations.

Teamwear Shirts - Thank you to all those who have ordered a shirt, they should be ready for collection next Tuesday. Its still not too late if anyone else would like one before Christmas just email me with your size details and what initials you require, the inclusive cost is £14.50.

Ladies Only Walking Football Team - we are hoping to launch a weekly session early in the New Year but we are urgently looking for a lady to take control of the session [ organising teams, warm up etc ] so if you know of anyone who might be interested please ask them to contact us.


Don't forget to collect those Waitrose tokens and get them into our collection box. We also urgently need some volunteers to come along to the Waitrose store to help us talk about walking football to customers and ask them to support our group by depositing their tokens once again in our box.  

Salisbury FC Quiz Night - Following are recent very successful quiz evening Jim Ayres is looking to encourage us all along to the 'Whites' final quiz night of the year being held on Friday 10th November @19.30 in the Sarum Room at the Ray Mac. Entry is  just £2 per person, for further details please contact Jim.

Rule change proposal - 'light blue touch paper and stand well clear' - well this one got everyone talking and thinking about it, with lots of vocal view points. Although we were never really going to introduce the rule for a host of reasons, everyone is now very mindful of the potential damage these shots can have, so applying a little common sense and consideration of others will surely work and that was pretty evident at this mornings session, so thank you to everyone. this leads me nicely into the next point very nicely .......

Emails - one of the main reasons for combining a number of points/requests etc.that arise each week onto one simple email under the heading weekly news and updates was to reduce the email traffic to everyone which in the past caused issue for a number of players. Can I suggest that if you have a story. request or point of view you would like to share could you please just email me with it and I will copy and paste it into the weekly update so that it avoids numerous email flying around. if you want to respond to any emails please just reply to 'sender only' and not use' the send to all' key thus avoiding unwanted copies.

Numbers - October has proved to have been our most successful month yet with 215 attendees across all three sessions compared with last years total of 70.  Our challenge now is to continue building the Monday numbers so that we attract a regular thirty players each week and can then fully justify the additional space we been given at the Five Rivers.

A big welcome to two new players who joined us this week for the first time Norman Bell who joined us on Monday and returned again on Friday together with Pete Robinson who is Bars Manager at the Ray Mac and was pursauded to come along by Jim.

Monday also saw us playing on both sides of the hall as part of our trial period with the Five Rivers with 26 players in attendance so we are slowly nudging up the numbers to the required 30 which will ensure we have the two pitches on a more permanent basis.

To help with the organisation of the sessions on Monday I have attached a schedule to help avoid the uncertainties of which teams are playing and where  

Christmas Raffle - Kingsley has kindly volunteered his time to organise this years raffle with all monies raised going to the Trussell Trust. Additional Prizes Required - Could you help? we would like to add a number of additional prizes to increase the appeal to as many as people as possible and help raise a few more pennies. we are looking for 1] a bottle of Prosecco [ or champagne!!!! ] 2] Box of Chocolates 3] Tin of Biscuits 4] Bottle of Port 5] Box of quality Xmas Crackers 6] Large Xmas Pudding or any similar items or further ideas you might have that are suitable as prizes, please either let myself or Kingsley know if you are able to help in anyway.

WF - the Bigger Picture - there are now 1109 venues in the UK offering weekly sessions of social walking football. The game is continually evolving and now apart from a few small mini leagues [ Kent, Manchester and London] they are launching a National League for the South [ sixteen teams including Luton ,Birmingham, Norwich, Watford, Wimbledon and Colchester.] The appointments of the two England Managers have now been announced with Paul Murtagh, Birmingham WF for the over 50's and Stuart Langworthy, Abbeymead WF [ Gloucester ] the over 60s teams. WF is also now played in numerous countries around the world including  Italy and brazil. 



Waitrose Community Matters - £1000 between three local projects.  As a result of being nominated to take part in this initiative our application has been successful and we will be one of the 3 local Community organisations taking part throughout November 2017.

What does that mean? We will receive a share of the £1000 based on the number of GREEN tokens that are given out at the tills and placed in the collection box that is located at the exit to the store. 

How can you help? 1] If you shop in Waitrose ask for a token and obviously place it in OUR box. 2] Spread the word to Family, Friends and Neighbours and ask them to support us.

A great opportunity raise awareness of Walking Football and all its benefits together with gratefully collecting part of the £1000 which will help us to promote it further in the community and provide new opportunities to come along and join our group. 



Salisbury Journal - Sports Awards 2017 

As one of the three finalists in the Community Club Section, on Friday Tom from the Salisbury Journal came along to capture some photos of the warm up plus some of our players in action as well brief interview regarding the story behind our journey and growth. Thanks once again for the great support by those who came along, it really helped with our entry. What happens next ...the Journal will complete all the photo shoots/interviews for all the finalists in each section and we should find out who we up against next week in the journal and the winners will be announced on Friday 17th November at the Gala Dinner being held at the Stones Hotel (the old High Post Hotel).

'Warm Up & Cool Downs' - With the introduction of these into our sessions earlier in the year which has proved to be a really positive initiative which has greatly help reduce the number of potential pulls and strains, but we felt it was now a good time to review the process and add the thoughts of our player, Colin Campbell, a qualified Physiotherapist.  Over the next couple of weeks there will be an introduction of some new routines designed especially around the areas you are going to use in playing walking football with Colin, Jeff and Brian taking the lead and explaining the reasons and benefits of each exercise.

Your health and welllbeing are key for us when you come along to our sessions and we need You to consider these routines  as an important process in helping prevent potential injuries, so please try to ensure you arrive ready to start at 09.00am.  Brian's new trial routine this morning has already received some excellent positive feedback comments from a good number who took part.   

On Monday, Chris Dennard celebrated his birthday and we welcomed our latest new player Andy Childs who took no time to settle in and it was great to see him return again on Friday. It was the turn of Paul Bisssington to be a star on Monday when he scored his very first goal.  On Friday, it was the turn of both Martin Wright and Bryan Grayer to score some memorable goals and we welcomed back Rob Nicholls in goal who again provided us yet again with some outstanding saves.

Rules - Should we make a rule change???  - I am becoming increasingly worried over the number of speculative shots that get blasted into a crowd of players in an attempt to score a goal, the only result I can see is that someone is going to become unnecessarily injured. My view would be that unless a player is through one on one with the keeper all other shots into defenders should be treated as 'dangerous play' and a free kick awarded. I appreciate this could be contentious but I would welcome the viewpoints of everyone in the group, NO changes will be made until we have fully discussed the proposal. 

Website - Your donations. we have received twenty three generous donations and raised £74 towards the costs of setting up our own website, your support is really appreciated and we are confident will help attract yet further new players. Thanks also go to Ray Jones who managed to sell our donated exercise bike for £10 which will be added to the 'kitty', please let us know if you have any ideas for further fundraising or if you would like to add your donation.  

Teamwear - Thank you to those who have requested one of our black polos with our badge, I will be placing the order with the supplier next Tuesday so its not too late to request one.



News - to confirm what we have agreed with both Wiltshire Council and the Five Rivers Team regarding extra space at our Monday sessions - we will use both sides of the hall from 09.00/11.00 on a five week trial basis and look at increasing numbers to around 30 players so we need to attract some new players.

Emergency Contact Details - A big thank you to all of you who have completed and returned the Registration Form containing those important details which we always hope will never be needed.  As from Monday 22nd October 2017 no one will be allowed to play until a form is completed-  so if you one of the few still yet to complete one please ensure you bring it along next time.

Xmas Meal - we have 19 players so far coming along. Last year we held our first Xmas lunch which was really well supported and brought a lot of our players together for the first time outside of the sessions, fun seasonal tops were worn by most which created a real fun and relaxed atmosphere which was enjoyed by all.  So we would like to encourage all of you who are perhaps thinking about it or those who might have missed the details to speak to either one of the social team, Brian or myself and come along, meet fellow players in a relaxed  setting and share stories and experience's that help bring us all closer together.  

Teamwear Shirts - with a good number of new players joining us over the past few months, a number have asked about our black team shirts with the badge and initials on and these are available to purchase for £14.50 [ please allow approx 10/14 days] - great idea for a Christmas gift perhaps ????

Website - Don't forget to send your feedback to Brian Crabtree , your ideas and views are important to us. 

Numbers - we had excellent numbers last Monday with 25 players using both sides of the hall although we need to seriously consider how we use the space effectively to suit the needs of all players [ new players starting through to the more experienced ones ]

Photos - I would just like to thank Paul Ford for bringing along his camera last Monday so that we can start to get some quality action photos that we can use on our website and Facebook pages.



Social Events - we have now added a couple more players to the group, so there is now, Jeff the Chef, Kingsley Fewins, Phil Clarke, Keith Gale, Jerry Curnow, Richard Slade and Geoff Bec so they have now earned the title the 'Magnificent Seven'. The Xmas lunch is arranged for Thursday 7th December. We are still looking at the possibility of adding another date for  Monday evening 11th December ideally 18.00/18.30 for those of you who are working and cannot attend the lunch, please let me know asap if interested or not. If you have not already, please let Jeff and the boys know whether you are going to support the lunch or not and give them your feedback regarding possible events for next year.

Website - Brian Crabtree has really done us proud with putting the site together from scratch, he has dedicated a lot of time developing what you see now so it is important we all support him by giving him your feedback on what you like or don't, what you would like to add or see or what needs reworking so that we have a final site we are all happy with and proud to share with family and friends, so keep checking the link as Brian is continually updating based on your feedback - http://www.salisburywalkingfootball.org/

News and Numbers - On Monday with our best numbers yet [ 24 players] there were two outstanding performances by a couple of our keepers, Keith 'the kat' Smith and Roger 'the cat ' Batten with some breath-taking saves and two superbly taken goals from Tim Scammell, we also gave a big warm welcome to Alec Dawson who joined us for his first game after watching the session the previous week. On Wednesday evening we had a new goal machine with newboy Ian Pearson scoring five well taken goals. Everyone was really impressed with the determination and ever improving performances of two real new stars Martin Wright and Paul Bissington we all appreciate the effort you are putting in each week.

Best wishes go to Bryan Grayer who celebrated his 60th birthday on Thursday.

Numbers this week are still holding up with another 50+ attendees at out three sessions which means total October 2017 so far = 103 against 70 for the whole month 2016



Lets start by congratulating both Phil and Jeff for putting on an exceptional nights entertainment last Monday evening at the Wheatsheaf. I think most of the thirty six players and partners who took part have commented on how enjoyable it was and what a great night so a resounding success.

Demo Match @ Salisbury FC - Another great event enjoyed by all and I belief we may have impressed one or two Whites fans who had more to cheer about watching our demo than the main match which resulted in a 2-2 draw with a really well taken goal from Mark Potts. thanks to Jim Ayres and Thom Belk from Salisbury FC for organising the event which also included a running commentary over the PA system and Keano refereeing.

Numbers and News - This week has been our best ever week for players attending our three sessions  Monday = 20 Wednesday = 16 & Friday =16 giving us 52 for the week with 40 different players.  We finished this September  with the grand total of 199 compared with last years numbers of 49 so a real sizable increase. this months challenge  is to beat last years October figures of 70 and we already have 52.

Website - Brian is continuing to put together a format that appeals to new prospective players as well keeping current players updated and will be asking for your opinions on his prototype next week.



Social Activities - thanks to Jeff, Kingsley and Phil Clarke we our excited to hold our first Fun Quiz Night on Monday 2nd October @ the Wheatsheaf, Lower Woodford 19.30 for 20.00 start. 

News - we have three players this week who share the accolade of 'This weeks Star'  - Bryan Grayer who continues his fight back to fitness from a serious Achilles injury and managed to complete the full two hour Friday session, Martin Wright for putting in a top performance and managed to score his first goal past Dean and finally this weeks top goal scoring hero Trevor Robertson. As a result of last weeks Freeview video we managed to attract our first new player Paul Brissington who came along to both our Monday and Friday session.

Website - Brian is working hard at getting the site up and running and would welcome any ideas or help you can offer, so please speak to him. 


WEEKLY UPDATE - 16 September 2017

Lights, Camera, Action .......

Thanks for all the support to get the video put together. We must give an important mention to Roger Battens wife Liz who handled all our media presentations and has agreed to help us further with important links and media exposure in and around Salisbury which will definitely help grow our precious sessions in the future, so a real BIG THANK YOU on behalf of everyone in our group.

Here is our video


News Jim Ayres celebrated his milestone 65th birthday last Thursday [7th] and we finally caught up with him on Monday and presented him with a cake and card from all the team and on top of that he scored a memorable hat-trick. Thanks to all those of you who went along to support Jeff and his cooking exploits at the Salisbury Food Festival last Sunday. This week's star player has to be Chris Thornton who has really gained in confidence over the past few weeks ...well done and thoroughly deserved.  It was fantastic to have Bryan Grayer back kicking a ball again after having the all clear from to hospital.

Numbers - We have had a really good start to the month with numbers - Monday 19, Wednesday 14 & Friday 18 this brings the total so far this month to 109 against only 49 in the whole of the month in 2016.  Brian and I are working with both Wiltshire Council and the Five Rivers to secure the second side of the hall on a Monday which could be used for both the planned Structured Intro mini session which would involve warm ups, skill and coordination training and a slow paced game which would suit new players and those returning from injury plus allow the teams not playing to get a mini game played.. 

Salisbury Walking Football Banner - Thanks to both Keith Gale and Jim Ayres for arranging to site our banner opposite the main stand at Salisbury FC. 

Website - Brian has been working extremely hard collecting idea  to get our pages together and register our name. if anyone of you have a flair for design, marketing relating to websites or if you have family, friends or contacts please speak to Brian


WEEKLY UPDATE - 11 September 2017

Numbers and News - Great numbers last week with 21 and 17 on Monday and Friday at 5 Rivers.  Star goal scorer was Jeff the Chef.  Lights, Camera, Action .....Don't forget next Friday [15th] we have that's.tv/Salisbury [ Freeview channel 7 ] will be coming along to film part of our session and it would be great to get as many players as possible along on the day, so even if you are currently out injured your support on the day is really important. 


We have some ladies contact us who are keen to look at the possibility of setting up a walking football session purely for just ladies.  If there is sufficient interest we could establish a specific session.  We would start off with a structured approach with gentle warm up exercises to help reduce the risk of strains and pulled muscles, basic ball control routines to help build up your skills, strength, improving balance and core stability, get you playing in a basic game and finish with the important cool down exercises.

So regardless of personal abilities, experience or the fact you have never kicked a ball or played seriously it does not matter, be assured of a warm welcome from all of the group and everyone will continually help, support and encourage you at each session.  Anyone interested in joining please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Salisbury FC Walking Football held its 2nd annual tournament on 14 May with this 2nd event being held at our home in the Raymond McEnhill Stadium. 16 teams were booked to take part with an over 50s and over 60s tournaments. Both tournaments were hotly contested in the best spirit of Walking Football with an emphasis on enjoyment, taking part and keeping fit and healthy. However, with all competitions there are winners and they were for the Over 50s Hampshire WF One and the Over 60s Portsmouth. All who attended enjoyed the day and the excellent facilities at the Ray Mac and we all grateful for Dave Phillips the Chairman of SFC for allowing us to use the facilities and presenting the medals at the end of the tournament. Some of the teams have already booked themselves in for next years tournament!!

" We at Pompey just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in organising such a well-run event. We were very impressed with your walking football set up at Salisbury and you clearly have excellent links with your parent club and we would also like to thank them for allowing us to play on such a good surface"

" Many thanks for organising such an enjoyable event. You can put us down for next years event as I'm sure we will be back again" Pelham Park Rangers - Bournemouth

Dexter Sports WF - Poole Please also thank all of your helpers and members at Salisbury FC for yesterday, we really enjoyed being there and having the chance to play some new teams and the chance to play on that very nice surface you have there".

Rotherfield WF Oxfordshire - " Thanks for inviting us to be part of the tournament. We really enjoyed it. The organisation was very good, in particular the welcome with named guides and tea and coffee. It set a good tone. It was good to meet new people and see how they play. We would hope to be invited again next year"