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Salisbury Women FC


Wiltshire County Womens & Girls League Division One

Pitch: Victoria Park

Manager: Neil Underwood
Coach: Mark Steele



Salisbury Women FC 4 Warminster Sky Blues 2
Wiltshire County Womens & Girls League
By Ellie Hayward

Salisbury Women FC hosted their first home league game on Sunday 10th September against Warminster Sky Blues! It was a great turn out from supporters for the girls first home game who were encouraging and supportive throughout!

Salisbury started off strong, getting the ball down well, passing well and creating space for balls to be passed into. A few early shots tested their keeper and shook their defence a little. Salisbury’s centre backs Carina Taylor and Shannon Jacques kept their attackers out and always won the ball and made great challenges!

Salisbury's first goal came after about 25 minutes with Zoe Ridley making it 1-0 to the Whites! That lifted the girl’s heads and it soon became 2-0 to Salisbury with another goal from Zoe Ridley making Salisbury lead 2-0 at half time!

As soon as the whistle blew for the second half to start, Salisbury were straight in there and instantly put pressure on Warminster! The defence stood their ground, the midfielders won the ball and created passes for the strikers to run onto and get their shot underway. A few chances were made from Sophie Taylor, Baylie Kelly and Elisha Taylor but another goal shortly after that came from Zoe Ridley getting another hat trick on the 55th minute. Salisbury were on top and were enjoying playing football.

Unfortunately, Warminster got a goal back, but Summer Williams, Salisbury's goal keeper kept her head up high. The girls didn't let the goal get them down as within five minutes later Salisbury made it 4-1 with a great assist from Sophie Taylor passing it through for Zoe Ridley to run onto it and get her fourth goal of the day. Warminster got another late goal making the full-time score 4-2 to Salisbury.

Player of the match went to Carina Taylor for an absolutely outstanding, solid performance in defence. Salisbury’s next game is Sunday 17th September at home against Swindon Spitfires at Victoria Park, 2pm kick off.

Salisbury Women: Summer Williams, Carina Taylor, Shannon Jacques, Baylie Kelly, Megan Clish, Lindsay Owens, (C) Ashleigh Read, Kay Croucher, Sophie Taylor, Zoe Ridley, Elisha Taylor, Kate Roberts

Swindon Supermarine Womens FC 0 Salisbury Women FC 3
Wiltshire County Womens & Girls League
By Ellie Hayward

Salisbury Women FC played their first league game of the season this Sunday 3rd away to Swindon Supermarine FC. The girls had a team photo before the game showing off the new kit which looked very smart. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our new sponsors 'Bill's' and 'Blencowe Scaffolding Ltd.'

The game kicked off and Salisbury got stuck in straight away. It was a bit of a shakey start and the nerves showed a little but once the girls got the ball down and played, they started passing the ball around well and gained possession. The girls put pressure on Swindon Supermarines and soon took the lead with a goal from Zoe Ridley. Salisbury continued the pressure having plenty of shots at goal, causing the goalkeeper to make some good saves. Salisbury's 1-0 lead soon turned into 2-0 with another goal from Zoe Ridley.

Salisbury went in at half time 2-0 up. When the second half began Salisbury instantly continued how they ended the first half, putting pressure on Swindon's defence, passing the ball into space and creating more chances, resulting in Zoe Ridley getting another goal for Salisbury and getting her first hat trick of the season making the score 3-0.

The game heated up a little with some questionable decisions from the referee. Unfortunately, Zoe Ridley got a yellow card and then got a second yellow card causing her to be sent off at what was very unjust. Shannon Jacques also received a yellow card for a mistimed tackle. The girls calmed it down again and played their game, the middle was controlled by the captain Lindsay Owens who was very calm and collective. Salisbury's defence was solid again, barely letting Swindon's strikers to get through. While our strikers Sophie Taylor, Elisha Taylor and Megan McCormack were causing their defence all sorts of problems.

The final whistle blew and it was a great victory for the girls with their first win of the season winning 3-0. Baylie Kelly was the player of the match with a great solid performance in defence. Salisbury Women FC host their first home game of the season Sunday 10th September against Warminster Sky Blues Ladies. Kick off is at 2pm and takes place at Victoria Park.

Team: Summer Williams, Baylie Kelly, Shannon Jacques, Carina Taylor, Megan Clish, Lindsay Owens, Megan McCormack, Kay Croucher, Sophie Taylor, Zoe Ridley, Ashleigh Read, Elisha Taylor, Lisi Bowers

Gillingham Town Ladies 0 Salisbury Women 10
Wednesday August 30th 2017
By Ellie Hayward

Wednesday evening saw Salisbury Women play against Gillingham Town in the last of their pre-season friendlies before kicking off the season this Sunday 3rd September. The girls went straight in, pushed the tempo and got involved resulting in two early goals scored by Zoe Ridley. Unfortunately, after only playing about 15 minutes the game came to a hold as Gillingham's goalkeeper had hit her head on the goalpost making a save.
When the match restarted the girls got straight back into their stride, playing football well, executing great passes and spreading the ball into wide areas to then create more chances. Salisbury went in at half time 4-0 up with the further goals scored by Zoe Ridley. The second half began and Salisbury had much of the possession, really playing some exciting football. The defence stood their ground, held their line and made some great tackles, making it difficult for the Gillingham's attackers to get through.

Goals kept on coming with another four from Zoe Ridley, one from Kay Croucher and one from Elisha Taylor. There could have been more from Ashleigh Read who created some chances and an absolute rocket of a shot from Sophie Taylor had it not taken the smallest of deflections, it would have definitely hit the back of the net. Summer Williams also kept a clean sheet on her first game and saved a great penalty to keep a clean sheet!
The full-time whistle blew with Salisbury winning 10-0. The girls should be very proud of themselves, they played their best football to date in this game, putting all their hard work into practice from training sessions and worked immensely well as a team. Salisbury Women's first league game of the season is away to Swindon Supermarines on Sunday 3rd September, kick off at 2pm.

Salisbury Women: Summer Williams, Baylie Kelly, Shannon Jacques, Sophie Devine, Megan Clish, Carina Taylor, Lindsay Owens, Ashleigh Read, Sophie Taylor, Zoe Ridley, Elisha Taylor, Kay Croucher