So, as previously reported like the whole the Ray Mac got battered over the weekend. We have a few large sections of fence down which we currently have a crew of volunteers working on.

That won’t stop the match going ahead on Tuesday evening though. We covered the worst affected areas of the pitch over the weekend to try and keep it as dry as possible. The wind demolished the covers but they were replaced. I have just walked the pitch and only that area is soft. The ball is still bouncing but dies slightly compared to the rest of the pitch.

There is further rain due but it looks like it’s just showers today so should dry pretty well with the breeze we currently have. We have arranged a pitch inspection for 1 pm on Tuesday. We will update you on the results of that as soon as we know. There is currently some rain due between the inspection and kick-off which might cause us problems but all we can do is keep an eye on that. If a pitch is playable when inspected it will be passed as the forecast can’t always be relied on.

Fingers crossed it all falls into place and we can get this game on. Keep visiting our website and social media for the latest updates.

Want to help? We need volunteers to help with the storm clean up. Click the image for more information.

Ian Pearson
February 17, 2020

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager