Since we were placed back into lockdown, I’ve been trying to think of a way to bring our supporters together. Loneliness might be an issue for some, but even if not alone it might be nice for people to connect with others.

How about a bit of FREE online bingo?

I have been running online bingo and quizzes for my family and friends when we have been in various levels of lockdown for the past year. So, the system is well tested. This might end up being on a slightly larger scale, but it should still work.

The Plan

It will take place on Zoom on Friday 29th Jan at 7.30 pm. Grab your favourite tipple and a bowl or two of snacks and come and join us for a chat and some free bingo. Don’t be shy. You’ll recognise so many faces from the Ray Mac and we’d love to see you attend.

Although the prize is mainly the glory of shouting “HOUSE”, I have arranged a few small Salisbury FC related prizes.

There will be 3 games of bingo with time for a chat before, between and after games.

You can order your bingo tickets from me via email

I will then email a pdf document to you with your 3 tickets, one for each game and the details to connect to us on Zoom.

It works best if you print it out so you can dab or cross off your numbers. If you can’t print them out, I’m sure you can improvise or just turn up for a chat.

Each ticket has a unique serial number. After a full house is claimed, you tell me your number and I’ll be able to verify your win.

Please be respectful to other people on the call and watch the language as there might be younger people attending. Anyone that I feel is causing any upset to others, whether intentional or not, will be asked to stop or will be removed.

If you are feeling generally lonely at the moment, please say. We could arrange a swap of details on the call and link you up with someone willing to call and chat every so often. Don’t suffer in silence. We’re all part of the football family.

This will only go ahead if there’s enough interest.

Ian Pearson
January 25, 2021

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager