On Thursday evening we made our annual visit to the Children’s ward at Salisbury Hospital. We were accompanied by the Supporter’s Club and our main sponsor, Berry Telecom, who also brought Benny The Balloon along to entertain the kids.

We received a warm welcome from the staff as we all arrived on the ward. The club would like to thank them for being so accommodating, helpful and friendly. Fitting us into their busy day can’t have been easy.

Wandering around the ward we handed out gifts to the children. A mixture of presents were given and every youngster got a mini Chalky panda. It was all gratefully received as they watched Benny The Balloon man create all kinds of animals.

It was an honour to spread a little bit of joy to some truely brave children and their amazing families. We were informed that one young patient had been a bit down all day but their face lit up when they were chatting to their surprise visitors.

We wish all the kids, families and staff a merry Christmas and a speedy recovery to the little people that we were lucky enough to meet.

Also, thanks to Toby Holmes, Calum Hart, Sam Dible, Keano and Mike Easterbrook from the club, Ray Neal, Kevin Clubb and Leona Clubb from the Supporters Club, James Hilliar, Abi Hinton and Carolin English from Berry Telecom. One last thank you to Alan Green for organising the visit.

Images by ©Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson
December 20, 2019

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager