The radio landscape in Salisbury has dramatically changed over that past few months with the metamorphosis of Spire FM. Following in Spire’s footsteps comes a new station that aims to keep local radio at the heart of Salisbury.

Salisbury Radio launched their test transmission earlier this month. Initially on their website and now available on the Tune In Radio app and website.

They can also be found on smart speakers. On Alexa, you need to ask it to enable the Salisbury Radio skill and then you can just ask it to play Salisbury Radio after that initial set up. I’ve found on Google Home you need to cast it from the Tune In app on your phone at the moment. Easy to do and then you will receive great music, local news and sport around your home.

On the subject of sport, some of you might have noticed that Justin Edwards has returned to the gantry at the Ray Mac. Although we’ve not had much radio coverage over that last few years, Justin has remained a regular at the Club and is now back behind the mic for Salisbury Radio.

He’s currently producing audio updates which are broadcast during matches to keep fans that can’t make it to the stadium updated on the action. The eventual aim is to run full live commentary on a parallel stream as they develop their station.

We’re thrilled to have this partnership with an exciting new broadcaster in our great city and are looking forward to working with Salisbury Radio for many years.

The spirit of Salisbury radio is alive and well.

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Ian Pearson
September 23, 2020

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager