We welcome Yate Town to the Ray Mac on Saturday afternoon for a Pitching In Southern League South game.

Salisbury FC v Yate Town
Saturday 11th December 2021
Gates, Tea Hut & Bar Open 1.30 pm – Kick Off 3pm

Cash Gate

We will be introducing a cash gate. Payment for tickets online and via card are still available but you will also be able to pay with cash.

We also have fantastic new card machines that are much faster than the older ones. So card payments will be much quicker and easier.

We do ask that if you can pay by card or online that you do so. There are many positives for us with people paying electronically but the main reason is how time-consuming cash is. Electronic payments are in our bank the next day and we don’t have to do anything. With cash, someone has to collect, count, sort and drive to the bank to pay it in. That’s hours of work and unnecessary fuel used which can be avoided. Time is a precious commodity to our volunteer staff.

We do understand that some don’t have an option but if you can pay online or on card, please do so.

Our Dojo system at the stadium accepts all of the above payment types
Ian Pearson
December 10, 2021

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager