It’s a monster update!!

Firstly If you, or anyone you associate with, have any COVID symptoms, don’t attend, don’t chance it. Follow the guidance and stay at home and get tested.

Hendon Update and Tickets

On Saturday we finally get back to competitive football as the 20/21 season gets underway and we host Hendon FC at the Ray Mac.

There are tickets still available which you can purchase by clicking below. If there are any tickets remaining we will announce this on Saturday morning. Should there be any left, they will be available to buy on the gate but this will be payment via cards only. The attendance limit of 600 that has been placed on us will be strictly adhered to. So, when they’re gone, they’re gone and we’ll be forced to turn people away. The safest way is to purchase in advance.

Season tickets have been accounted for in the attendance and will be guaranteed entry.

Tickets purchased online will have the information we need for Track and Trace. If you purchase a ticket on the gate, you will need to fill in a form with your contact details. This will obviously slow things down so please consider purchasing your ticket in advance.

Season Tickets

Season tickets will be ready to collect on Saturday before the game. It looks like the weather is going to be good on the day so we aim to set up outside of the main entrance at the stadium where we will distribute the tickets. If the weather is not conducive to setting up outside, we will be situated in the downstairs bar which is the first part of the building you come to from the car park entrance. Staff will be on hand to direct you.

Terrace (standing) season ticket holders can then move towards the gates and will be able to enter the stadium.

Seated ticket holders will be able to find out which seat they have been allocated. This has been an epic job and we have done all we can to get people where they want or close to it. Due to restrictions, our options have been severely limited. Please keep in mind that we hope this is a temporary measure and we can all return to our seat of choice someday.

Please be patient and understanding. Any abuse of our volunteer staff will not be tolerated. None of our staff are to blame.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets can be collected before Saturday. The office will be open between 9 am and 2.30 pm for the rest of the week. If you can’t collect your ticket until Saturday, don’t worry. We will have it by the gate so you can collect it as you enter. If you have purchased a ticket you will be on the list and your ticket can be collected and you’ll be able to continue and park. If there is any confusion, please just pay the pound to Ken and I will sort it out and refund you as soon as I can.

Is it your first match back?

Some of you will have attended during preseason and will know what to expect. For others, it will be your first visit in COVID times.

If you, or anyone you associate with, have any COVID symptoms, don’t attend, don’t chance it. Follow the guidance and stay at home and get tested.

Most of the protocol is obvious. Bubbles and distancing like everywhere else and adhere to the rule of 6. There is a oneway system in place around the terraces. Your route might not be as direct as usual but please keep your eyes on the arrows which are on the floor and stick to the system.

Be courteous to others and give them space. Be aware of where you stand. Especially when leaning on the pitch perimeter wall as this is a thoroughfare as people follow the oneway system.

As we’re outdoors, masks aren’t compulsory but we recommend wearing one when moving around the stadium especially when moving to and from a seat.

People will be available to help and guide you. If in doubt just ask. Our stewards and staff are there to help. Please be patient and understanding.

Anyone not adhering to any of the above will be removed from the stadium and could face a ban.


With capacity being limited, this has the knock-on effect of limiting our programme production. It is hard to predict the correct quantity so we will learn as we go. The limited-run will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. We can’t promise to hold any back so please don’t ask. As you can see in this update there is just too much going on for this.

EDIT: Bonus Mini Update

The Bar

The bar will be open earlier tomorrow. Early arrivals can head up and have a beverage or two.

It will be open from 12.30 pm and we will also be trialling opening after the game. The players’ area will be closed off and customers are strictly forbidden from approaching that area. If it works with the separation we will be able to continue opening at future fixtures. Please remember to keep your distance and if the bar is at capacity you might be turned away.

EDIT: Also, drinks can be taken outside again too.

Other Info

You might be subject to a temperature check as you enter the stadium. It will only take a couple of seconds so please be understanding.

The home end of the main stand seating area is full with season ticket holders. There are no spare seats so no stand transfer is available in that area. There are plenty of seats on the far side of the pitch or in the other end of the main stand.


Online ticket sales will be stopped at approximately 12 pm tomorrow. Any remaining tickets will be announced on this website and social media and will be available on the gate. Card payments only.

Ian Pearson
September 17, 2020

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager