We are due to play Southampton B on Tuesday evening 3rd August 7.45 kick-off.  We have been advised that most of the B team train with their first team so are required to adopt Premier League Covid protocols to protect 1st team players. For the COVID safety of their players we have, therefore, agreed to the following changes to the normal stadium arrangements for this game.

Southampton B will use the downstairs bar as their changing room, keeping them separate from the main part of the stadium.  The players will enter/leave the pitch via Gate 6.  This will mean closing the stand in Blocks E – H and the white seats behind the away dugout which will be for the sole use of the Southampton players/substitutes, playing staff and St John Ambulance staff.

The red area is closed for the Southampton B fixture.

Southampton do recognise that this is extremely onerous for us but are being driven by Premier League requirements.

Whilst these changes will not impact the majority of our supporters we are aware that there is a number of fans who regularly sit in the Stand in Blocks E – H.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to those supporters.

Ian Pearson
August 2, 2021

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager