What great neighbours we have. We needed a few washers for our mower, so I called on our friends at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection which is just over the road from us by the airfield. I had a chat with one of their guides, Alistair McCord and he took me into the heart of the restoration department where is was greeted with a room full of thousands of nuts, bolts, washers, screws, widgets and thingymebobs. We obviously found what was needed and our mower is now up and running again.

Thanks, Alistair and the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection for your help.

Half term

I have visited the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection with my kids several times. When we first walked in and we were politely standing back and looking at all the amazing aircraft that are on display, one of the guides came over and demanded the kids get in and start pushing buttons and flicking switches. My boys loved it as most attractions like this are roped off. Not at the BDAC. There’s nothing better than physically connecting with the machinery and the history to really appreciate it.

It’s a great all-weather day out. The staff are informative and very helpful. They have had hands-on experience with the aircraft so know their stuff and they’re always happy to share a few stories.

If you’re looking for something to do this half term, I recommend visiting the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection.

If you see Alistair when you’re there, thank him for helping to get our grass cut.




Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Ltd
Hangar 1 South
Old Sarum Airfield
Old Sarum

Tel: 01722 323636

Ian Pearson
February 3, 2022

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager