As lockdown restrictions started to lift here in the UK, our usual crew of volunteers returned to the Ray Mac to repair, build and create. As you can imagine, our stadium requires a lot of upkeep. We also try and improve it as we go.

The main projects this closed season were,

  • The usual pitch renovations to get it ready for the season ahead.
  • An overhaul of the changing rooms including,
    • Removing the old, unused hot tub.
    • Building cubicles in the changing rooms and the manager/coach room (Funded by LED Synergy).
    • Power cleaning (plus all tiled floors downstairs).
  • The dugouts have had the old seats removed and padded benches added.
  • Painting of the dugout areas.
  • Wifi access points and cabling installed for ticket scanners.
  • Irrigation system leaks repaired
  • Underpitch drainage improved again.
  • Perimeter wall partially sanded and painted.
  • Lots of clearance and disposal.
  • Assisting the tradesman to repair the perimeter fence.
  • Floodlight lamp replacement (coming soon).

Plus all the usual duties including cleaning, repairs, clerical matters and website/social media content production.

All of the above were either carried out by volunteers or had volunteer involvement.

LED Synergy

SFC Director, Jeremy Harwood and LED Synergy were very generous and donated all of the materials for the changing room cubicles.

Salisbury FC and the Supporters Club have supplied various other things that were required. Thanks for all donations.

The Chairman, Ian Hammond had the following to say.

“It is well known that non-league clubs rely on volunteers to assist in the maintenance of their facilities and their general administration.

“Here at Salisbury we are fortunate to have one of the best stadia at our level and that requires considerable time and effort to ensure it continues to provide the maximum experience for players and fans alike.

“To achieve this we are also blessed with a fantastic group of volunteers (simply the best) who seem to be able to turn their hand whenever and to whatever is required.

“On behalf of the club, I thank them all for their support and assistance and hope that the season ahead lives up to the expectations and results their endeavours deserve.”

Trevor Purse
Beverley Ellis
Emily Purse
Ray Neal
John Harper
Jim Ayres
Ian Pearson
Pete Robinson
Sam Chandler
Lloyd Muggeridge
Roger Boutwood
Keith Gale
Micky Western
Ray Doolan
David Thomas
Andy Peak
Paul Lucas
Sandra Ellis
Roland White
Charlie Searle (donated a lot of his time at the beginning of lockdown)

Thanks to everyone that has assisted.

I hope I named all volunteers that have helped this summer. If I missed anyone off the list, please contact me and I will amend it.

Ian Pearson
September 2, 2020

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager