At Salisbury FC we recognise at this particular time there are many good deserving causes for people to donate money to. However, a number of fans have asked how they could financially assist the club in getting through this difficult period with no income but still having to pay out for rent, utilities, insurances etc. One suggestion has been to buy “virtual” tickets for the games supporters haven’t been able to attend.

We have, therefore, opened up the online shop to enable people to buy these “virtual” tickets which will be regarded as donations within the SFC accounts. It should be stressed that these “tickets” will have no monetary value and cannot be used to gain entry to any Salisbury FC games in the future.

Virtual ticket to support and donate to Salisbury FC.

  • Donate to the club
  • Gain admission to the 2020 HALL OF FAME which will be a permanent page on the website displaying all fans or businesses that have donated to the club during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • On our return to football at the Ray Mac, your name or company name will be celebrated on the LED scoreboard.
  • You can leave the name(s) or a company name at checkout in the “Order notes” section at the bottom.
  • Feel free to add more than one ticket 😍.

Virtual Tickets Available
Ian Pearson
March 28, 2020

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager