During our recent game against Tiverton at the Ray Mac on February 1st, the Hospitality area on the first floor was filled with an exuberant atmosphere, an atmosphere that reminded me of those heady days of FA cup fever.

The game itself was exceptionally exciting, with end to end football which included our Mighty Whites hitting both the upright and the bar with great efforts, in addition to scoring two goals in the second half, earning a hard-fought draw.

The mix of supporters and sponsors in the Hospitality Boxes on the day was obviously just perfect, as absolutely everyone involved let us know just how much they enjoyed their day at the Ray Mac Stadium.

The pictures below show just how the banter between the lads whilst presenting Man of the Match on the pitch and their colleagues in the Berry Hospitality Box, flowed until well after the final whistle.

Jas Hair, Inn Gear and Berry Telecom.

For details of how we can now mix hospitality box hire with presenting your choice of Man Of The Match, Call Alan Green 01722 77 66 55

Alan Green

Commercial Manager

Alan Green
February 14, 2020