I’m at the top of the Easy Fundraising league table and I’m chuffed with that. Best of all, it hasn’t cost me a penny! I would really love to be knocked off the top five list though. Who’s going to have a go?

How do we earn free money For Salisbury FC?

Join Easy Fundraising using this LINK.

When you shop online with one of the many retailers and providers that are affiliated with Easy Fundraising, they make a donation.

You can use the mobile app or the Easy Fundraising website. I personally use their browser plugin. I don’t even have to think about it then. If I’m on a site that supports Easy Fundraising it will tell me about it and I just click it and carry on with my purchase.

How have you earned so much?

The browser plugin helps. I never forget to activate the donation that way. My donations have ranged from a few pence to almost £50 each. The bigger amounts come when I’m changing phone, TV or utility providers. Sky, BT and EE will pay between £20 and £50 when you sign up. most of my online purchases add at least a small amount to my total and even they add up and are worthwhile.

A total of £488.91 has been raised for Salisbury FC by just 51 supporters.

It’s free money and easy to do. So, who’s going to top the fundraising table?

Ian Pearson
November 27, 2020

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager